TheOtherSideOfTheCoin (Site Specific Art)

Originally composed (commissioned) as a part of a Site Specific Art at the Olympolis Festival (Greece, 2013. It takes place in a gun shelter on Mount Olympus near a military camp.
Within the shelter there are several guns pointing the visitors creating the sense of fear and insecurity while the sound from 4 small speakers creates the sense of war (sounds of helicopters, guns etc ).
The shelter is used during the war as a place where a soldier protects their-selves from the enemies’ gun fire while at the same time pointing their gun at the enemy. In this work the placed guns are pointing within the shelter. This works as a symbol of Narcissism where someone trying to protect their selves from the Other, they prefer to live/be with their-selves without realizing that this is against their ontological need to be with the Other (St Maximus the Confessor, Being and Consubstantiality)