* Opening, Site Specific Art at Gianitsa Town (Greece)
at the Roloi Tower (Clock Tower)
Commissioned by the city of Gianitsa
9 December 2016

* Electroacoustic Music Days 2016
Performance: P.I.G.S. for Percussion and Field Recordings
Lixuri, 2-4 December 2016

* 4th Conference Acoustic Ecology
on Sound Noise enviroment
Performance: Mourgana ‘Scene 1’
3-6 November 2016, University of Aegean, Mytilene, Lesbos

* Sound Installation at the Museum Traditional Greek Costumes
Kalamata, 2 October 2016

* Mourgana, 1st Celebration of Culture
Music for Theatrical Performance

* Odeio Phillipos Nakas
Seminar on Contemporary Composition
‘Music as Attitude’
Thessaloniki, May 2016

* “Co-Functionality”
Gallery Mati, Katerini
During 18/11 – 2/12 2015

* ICMC 2015
North Texas University
Performance: The Other Side of the Coin
(Electroacoustic Composition – initially composed for Site Specific Art)

* Composer in Residence (May 4-31 2015
Visby, Centre For Composers

* ‘Sound School’
Site Specific Art – Space and Sound
1st elementary school in Katerini (Greece), 6-13 March 2015
9 – 1pm, 6-8am
Curator: Eleni Boufeti

* CMRC 35th Anniversary – Space Under (Athens)
Performance: Moiroloi Trilogy
Vocals: Athena Katsanevaki
21 feb 2015

* FATA – CD Release (feb 2015)
By Migro Records (London)
Miroloi I
Miroloi II
Miroloi III
Output#2 Nightingale
Output#3 P.I.G.S

* Electric Soundscapes – Ηλεκτρικά Ηχοτοπία
Point Centre for Contemporary Art
Curating: Katerina Tzedaki
Performance: Output#2, Soundscape Composition

* Christos Triantafyllou performs contemporary works for piano by composers of the
Greek diaspora
(Kokoras, Bakas, Ghikas, Kuriakidis,Kittos)

1. Canterbury Christ Church University
When: Monday, 13 October 2014, 17:15 (PLEASE NOTE EARLY START TIME)
Where: North Holmes Road, Maxwell Davies Building
Further details: http://www.canterbury.ac.uk/events/event-details.asp?eventid=4498

2. Goldsmiths, University of London
In collaboration with the Contemporary Music Research Unit (http://www.gold.ac.uk/cmru/)
When: Friday, 17 October 2014, 19:30
Where: Council Chamber, Deptford Town Hall Building
Further details: http://www.gold.ac.uk/calendar/?id=7942

* Protos Orofos 6
CD Release
10 October 2014
CallForOrthros, Electroacoustic Composition

* CIME/ICEM Festival and Conference
October 1-4, 2014
‘Untitled’, Soundscape Composition

* ICMC/SMC/2014
14-20 September 2014, Athens, Greece
Performance: Towards VII, for Ensemble and Tape

* 3rd Conference Acoustic Ecology
28-30 June 2014
Athens University Museum
Performance: Untitled#1

* 31 May
Protos Orofos (Point Blank, Graphics Design)
Savvas Tsiligiridis/ Dimitris Bakas
Live Electronics/Electroacoustic/Soundscape

* 1 March
Alantza Imaret, Thessaloniki
Performance: Apophatic Spectralism II (For 12 Flutes)

* 27 February
Conference Centre of Katerini (2nd flour)
Full Concert with Electroacoustic, Sound Art and Mixed Media Works
Vocals: Athena Katsanevaki

* 5 February
State Conservatory of Thessaloniki
Full Concert with Electroacoustic, Sound Art and Mixed Media Works
Vocals: Athena Katsanevaki

* 29 January
Hellenic American Union
Performance: Mmabolela (Sound Art Work)

* 22 January
State Conservatory of Thessaloniki
Migrant Sound Concert II
Piano: Christos Triantafillou

* 19 Nov – 3 Dec
Sonic Mmabolela Workshop/Residency

* 11 – 25 November
Art Gallery, Katerini

* 7 November
Ionio University
Performance: ‘Apophatic Spectralism II’ for 12 Flutes

* 2-5 August
Olympolis Contemporary Arts
Site Specific Art
‘The Other Side Of Coin’

* August
temp’Ora Project
Performance: ‘Meroloe’ for Traditional Voice and Electroacoustic Sounds
Vocals: Athena Katsanevaki

* 8 March 2013
Makedonias University, Thassaloniki, Greece
Concert with works by Dimitrios Bakas
Program: Towards…V (Piano and Tape), All of a Sudden (Piano and Tape), New Work for Spinet and
Tape (4-channel), 3 works for Voices, Tape and Video

* 21 February 2013
Gallery MATI, Katerini, Greece
Installation (Electroacoustic Sounds 4-channel,
Paintings and Video)
Work by Dimitrios Bakas and Architect Eleni Boufeti

* 23 January 2013
Goldsmiths, University of London, Recital Room 167
ABA Concert
Performance: Logos Dichos Ennoies (Piano), All of a Sudden (Piano and Tape),
Towards…V (Piano and Tape)

* 7-9 December 2012
Electroacoustic Day 2012, TEI Liksouri, Kefalonia, Greece
Performance: ‘Call For Orthros’ (Electroacoustic Composition)

* 5 December 2012
Open Rehearsal, Panellinia Mousiki Sxoli, Katerini
Performance with Solo Piano, Mixed Media and Electroacoustic Works

* Tuesday 20/11/2012
French Institute in Thessaloniki, Greece
Organized by Romanian Consulate in Thessaloniki
Performance: ‘Logos Dichos Ennoies’ for Piano