Mixed – Video




‘4 Miniatures for Amplified Violin and Animal Sounds (Field Recordings)’ – (2021)

Composer: Dimitris Bakas

Violin: Aris Kapagiannidis

1. Violin and Bats, Birds…(2′ 06″)

2. Violin and Frogs (1′ 44″)

3. Violin and Gooses (0:37)

4. Violin and Snakes (1′ 55″)


for Contratenor and Electronics – 2012
Music: Dimitris Bakas
Video: Sotiris Tsakirakis
Contratenor: Tolis Tatolas

for Percussion and Filed Recordings – 2015
Music: Dimitris Bakas
Percussion: Luis Tabuenca

Towards VII
for Ensemble and Electronics – 2010

for Amplified String Quartet – 2005 (Score)

Absolute Continuity
for Solo Double Bass (Performed by Bruno Laurent)

for Amplified String Quartet (Live, Conducted by Theodore Antoniou)

All of a Sudden
for Piano and Electronics (Prerecorded Ring Modulated Piano)
Piano: Christos triantafillou

Music for Spineto and Electronics
2012 (extract)
Spineto: Amelia Maria Stoian