‘Co-functionality’ – Installation

Con-functionality is an Installation that takes place in constructed box/room. It aims in the osmosis of two art forms, Painting and Sound in an ontological perspective. This is why it makes it different from other mixed media art works. It consists of a white canvas and two speakers placed behind the canvas.

The element that I choose for the desired result is the element of functionality of an object in its ontological perspective. In this context, as a painting element I use the white canvas, which one might say that it is in a ‘waiting’ condition (‘stand-by-mode’) for the completion of a work. The smallest element that resolves this ‘waiting’ condition is the point (‘Point, Line to Plane’ Vassily Candinsky, 1926). In this case though, the canvas remains white and instead of a point we hear a sound (white Noise mostly) from speakers that are hidden exactly behind the canvas (which we cannot see). In this way one could argue that the sound undertakes the existential functionality of the point and in a broad way it is ‘visualised’. It resolves the ‘stand-by-mode’ . It is not transformed into an image literally but it undertakes the need of the observer to see something.

Regarding the sound, its basic ontological essence is its connection with a source. That is, the sound is created by a source (sound source) which is something visual, something that we don’t only hear but we see as well (such as, hit of a table with our palm). So, within the Installation we hear a sound and we expect to see its source. This is conscious and unconscious process. That is, here we could talk for another type of ‘waiting’ (stand by) condition. Having the speakers hidden behind the canvas and because we have in front of us only the painting element (white canvas), the canvas undertakes the existential function of the sound source, it takes the place of the sound source.

It is in this sort of internal connectivity of the two functionalities of the two art forms that this Installation aims, by exploring the element of the ontological ‘stand-by-condition’.